Please email me if you notice additional errors. 

Serious errors

P 152. Second bullet of the chapter summary is backwards. It should read: "If the 95% CI includes the null hypothesis, then the P value must be greater than 0.05." (The printed book says "less than")

P 176. Legends to both Figures 21.2 and 21.3 and also two places at the bottom of the page.  Should be "90%" not "95%"'

P 177, top. In two places, "95%" should be "90%". (but in the middle of the page, it correctly says "95%" in two places.

Trivial errors

p 5. Lne 2. It is 32 baskets each, not 30.

p 31. Missing parenthesis after "(0/29 and 31/39."

p 31. Missing parenthesis before "www.graph...".

p. 139. The correct name is "Hankins" not "Hankin"
p. 144. "Significance" is misspelled in the first line of the heading
p. 148. Typos. "creatinine clearance"
P152, line 24: "must be less" should be "must be more than"
P154 L9. "and not 0.0006 like" should be 0.006

p 161 middle. "value" is misspelled 

p 167. First two lines of Q&A belong to the prior section 

 P187 title of table 22.1 "significant" misspelled

P 192 L4 "59.5%" should be 59.9%

p. 207, bottom.  "determine" misspelled

p. 345, top. Change "have diabetes" to "take diuretics"

p. 354, top. "Equation" misspelled.

P 522. Citation not quite correct:

Hoenig, J., & Heisey, D. (2001). The Abuse of Power: The Pervasive Fallacy of Power Calculations for Data Analysis. The American Statistician, 55(1), 19-24.


Multiple places. The correct term is "receiver operating characteristic curve". In many places, I included a hyphen between "receiver" and "operating". This problem is in the table of contents, in the table of abbreviations on xxxv, on the chapter title on page 401, twice on page 405 and twice on 410.