If you find additional errors, please email hmotulsky@graphpad.com
  • Page 40. Middle of page. "survived" should be "were infected"
  • Page 151. The bottom four paragraphs are the same as the top four paragraphs.
  • Page 161. Example 2 refers incorrectly to Figure 17.1. It should refer forward to Figure 30.1. The example is discussed in more detail in Chapter 30. 
  • Page 162. In the fourth paragraph, "0.03%" should be "0.3%".
  • Page 176. In the bottom four paragraphs, the abbreviation "FDR" is used four times, when the abbreviation "FPRP" should be used (the meaning of the two is the same, but everywhere else I use FPRP).
  • Page 177 middle. Change "Yes. Your decision..." to "Yes. If computing the FPRP for a proposed experiment, your decision."
  • Page 289.  The correct CI for the second line  is 1.67 to 7.77. The next sentence in lines 3 and 4 ("In other words...time.") is wrong and should be ignored.
  • Page 350. Everything from the sentence that begins "A large international group..." in the middle of the page down to the bottom of the page is simply a repeat of what came earlier on that page.