Title: Intuitive Biostatistics
Edition: 3rd (2014)
Author: Harvey J. Motulsky
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN13: 978-0199946648
ISBN10: 0199946647

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If you have adopted Intuitive Biostatistics for your course, contact David Jurman at Oxford Universtiy Press, if you would like to obtain the figures for handouts or presentations. 



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Please email me if you notice additional errors. 


2nd Edition: Unfixed trivial errors (April 2012)

  • Page 11, first line of second full paragraph. Change "were designed" to "was designed". 
  • Page 11, middle. "evidence that the treatment brings down the value" should be "up" not "down".
  • Page 11, second to bottom paragraph. It refers to Figure 1.1C but should refer to 1.1B.
  • Page 29, axis title of figure should be "Nineteen", not "Twenty".
  • Page  46, third row of table, last sentence. 34.29% survival, not 34.9%.
  • Page 63, second line of main text. Change "greater" to "less than or equal to".
  • Page 105, two thirds of the way down. The number 3.18 should be 4.30.
  • Page 221, Table 30.2. The labels for column A and B are backwards.
  • Page 264. "Left" should be "Top left", "Middle" should be "Top right", and "Right" should be "Bottom"
  • Page 293, table 36.4. The labels "fixed" and "variable" are swapped.

2nd Edition: Errors fixed in the first, second, or third printings

This page lists all the errors I know about in the first three printings. The publisher fixed mistakes in each printing but is not able to tell me which errors were fixed when.


  • Page 73. The equation at the top of the page is wrong. The entire right side of the equation should be enclosed in a square root.
  • Page 129, answer to second question. Replace the second (incorrect) and third (irrelevant) sentence with, "It depends on the scientific context."
  • Page 148, end of first paragraph. The phrase "statistically significant" should be "not statistically significant".
  • Page 227, first sentence of the third paragraph. Change from "Here is a conclusion that is easy to remember." to "Here is a rule-of-thumb that can be used when the two sample sizes are equal or nearly equal."
  • Page 227. second sentence of fourth paragraph. Change "do not overlap, the P" to "do not overlap, and the sample sizes are nearly equal, the P".
  • Page 229, legend of table 30.3. Replace entire legends with: "Rules of thumb for interpreting error bars that overlap or do not overlap. These rules only apply when comparing two means with an unpaired t test, and when the two sample sizes are equal or nearly equal."
  • Page 318, bottom, definition of  high VIF. Change "say > 0.90" to "say > 10.0". 

Minor corrections

  • Page 64, legend to Figure 7.5. Change "greater than" to "less than or equal to".
  • Page 104, line 3. The word "value" is extraneous. It should read, "The SEM computed from one sample is your best estimate..."
  • Page 107, legend to Figure 14.1. The SEM and CI error bars don't actually portray variability -- they show how precisely you have determined the population means.
  • Page 132, Figure 17.2. The 95% CI should be centered on the Observed Mean and the label n=130 shouldn't be split on two lines. Correct figure:
  • Page 154. Replace the paragraph after the two bullet points with: "Each hypothesis is flipped to form a one-sided null hypothesis (that the mean ratio is less than 0.80, and that the mean ratio is greater than 1.25). If both one-tail P values are smaller than a preset threshold, you reject both null hypotheses, and so conclude that the mean ratio must be between 0.80 and 1.25. Thus the results demonstrate equivalence."
  • Page 161, first heading. Change "not needed" to "not essential".
  • Page 161, sixth paragraph. Change "No corrections were needed," to "The reader does not need to try to informally correct for multiple comparisons, "
  • Page 165, second to bottom paragraph. Change "for 90%" to "for at least 90%", and "10% to be" to "no more than 10% to be".
  • Page 229, caption to Figure 30.5. Change "less than 0.005" to "much less than 0.05."  With large samples, in fact the P value must be less than than 0.005, as it is here. But a more general statement is to say that non-overlapping 95% confidence intervals mean the P value is much less than 0.05. 
  • Page 308, top. Change "The investigators don't say...... range of ages." to "The subjects ranged from 20-69 years old. The mean age was 37 with a standard deviation of 14. "
  • Page R-2. Missing reference (cited on p 174): Berry, D. A. (2007). The difficult and ubiquitous problems of multiplicities.Pharmaceutical Statistics , 6, 155-160.
  • Page R-8. Missing reference (cited on page 353): Wilcox, R. (2001) Fundamentals of Modern Statistical Methods: Substantially Improving Power and Accuracy. New York: Springer. ISBN=0387951571


  • Page 11, middle. Change the sentence that begins with "Again..." to "These values alone would seem to be convincing evidence that the treatment increases blood pressure. "
  • Page 11, bottom. Change "Figure 1.1C' TO 'Figure 1.1B".
  • Page 14, bottom. Change "most statistics book,"  to "most statistics books,". 
  • Page 75, second paragraph. "Predictable" is misspelled.
  • Page 92, bottom. The six row in the table has an extra horizontal line dividing into two parts. 
  • Page 112, line 3. Change "fraction" to "proportion".
  • Page 112, middle of page, first sentence under "how many P values were calculated?". The sentence should end with a period, not a question mark.
  • Page 114, line 2. Change "1/10" degree Fahrenheit to "1/2". 
  • Page 115, bottom. Change "11.0/17.0=0.64" to "11.0/17.2=0.64".
  • Page 153, middle of the 5th paragraph. “Figure 21.1” should be 21.2, and “Figure 21.2” should be 21.3.
  • Page 154, second paragraph. “Juggling two null hypothesis …” should be “Juggling two null hypotheses”.
  • Page 162 seems to start midsentence as if something is missing. Nothing is missing, but a sentence is hidden between Table 22.1 and 22.2. 
  • Page 162, Table 22.2, middle of the last row. Insert “is” between “hypothesis” and “really”.
  • Page 162, second to bottom line. "Table 22.3" should be "Table 22.2".
  • Page 166, middle of the page: Change "2/200" to “2/100”.
  • Page 230, bottom: Change “Chapter 39 will explain …” to "Chapter 41 will explain …”
  • Page 242, middle. Change "23.7" to "24.7".
  • Page 271, middle. Change "insulin sensitivity (the independent variable)" to "insulin sensitivity (the dependent variable)".
  • Page 293, end of middle section. Remove the word "to" after "Instead,". 
  • Page 300, top, add to the end of the table legend: "This model is slightly simplified."
  • Page 306. Third line under the equation. Add "logarithm of" in front of "odds ratio".
  • Page 307. Bottom row of table. Replace 1.994 with 1.094.
  • Page 307, top. Change “equation at the top of this page" to "equation on the previous page".
  • Page 307, middle. Replace "37.3" with "37.5".
  • Page 307, sixth line from bottom. Replace "risk" with "odds".
  • Page 308, lines 8 and 13. Replace "risk" with "odds".
  • Page 308, third line. Replace "father" with "further".
  • Page 308, fourth line from bottom. Replace "analysis, even... example is" to "time to a febrile seizure, "
  • Page 311, Change two occurrences (one in equation, other in text) of β12 to β1,2
  • Page 314. Break third bullet item into two items:   "Conditional logistic regression", "Conditional proportional hazards regression".
  • Page 313. Break fourth bullet item into two items: "Repeated measures ANOVA", "Repeated measures analysis of covariance (ANCOVA)"
  • Page 316, second line. Remove the word "equals".
  • Page 328, middle, just above the Q&A. Change "The same kind..." to "Similar kinds..."
  • Page 334, top. Change “significantly significant” to “statistically significant”.
  • Page 358, bottom. The first paragraph under "Bayes revisited" is incomplete.  Change "discussed in Chapter" to "discussed in Chapter 18."
  • Page 356, top, legend to Table 42.2. Change "0.01" to "0.01%".
  • Page 384, second line. "Weight" should be "width".
  • Page 391, top, heading of table 46.1: Change “NM” to "nM” twice.
  • Page 397, middle. Change “a significance level of 80%” to “a significance level of 5%”.
  • Page 442, top. Change “Where the two variables” to Were the two variables”.